Dr. Gina Loudon: Do You Trust Federal Bureaucrats to Decide if You’re Sane Enough to Keep Your Second Amendment Rights?

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“Which government agency do you want to audit your mental health and get to decide whether or not you and your child get to have your Second Amendment rights?” Dr. Gina Loudon asked Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour Tuesday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Loudon challenged calls for denying Second Amendment rights to people deemed to be in poor “mental health,” warning that such a move would empower the federal government to broadly define mental impairment.

“About 70 percent of us are … are diagnosable by the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual,” said Loudon. “Seventy percent of us are diagnosable with a mental issue. Which government agency do you want to audit your mental health and get to decide whether or not you and your child ever get to have your Second Amendment rights?”

Mansour quipped that Democrats will seek to define conservatives as mentally ill.

“If we let the government decide who’s crazy and who’s not, the minute the Democrats take over the White House, they’ll be carting off Breitbart writers left and right. ‘You need to be re-educated right now!'” joked Mansour. “I don’t want to give the government that control because they’ll be labeling all sorts of people as crazy that are not crazy.”

The vast majority of psychologists, said Loudon, are leftists: “We know that [over] 90 percent of [academics] are very left-of-center … and that’s who the psychologists and master’s degree therapists are in the world … very, very leftist.”

The use of minors by Democrats and their news media allies as political human shields in pursuit of agitation against the Second Amendment is exploitative, said Loudon.

“It is despicable the way the Democrats are preying on children and exploiting children,” said Loudon. “And the reason they’re doing it — they did it to illegal immigrants with DACA recipients. They’re doing it now to these children. Why? Because they can’t get the American adults in this country to vote for them.”

Teenagers’ cognitive development is typically much poorer than fully developed adults, said Loudon. As such, they should not be entrusted with setting public policy.

“Our brains aren’t really emotionally mature [as teenagers], especially the emotional center of our brains,” said Loudon. “Our brains aren’t fully formed until our young twenties, sometimes even a little into our mid-to-late twenties. So we can’t expect children to make decisions about what’s best for children. The adults need to adult here. They should’ve protected them in the first place, and they should be handling it now and not handing it over or giving microphones to children as if they’re going to make the same sort of non-emotional and non-reactionary decisions that adults make. It’s just not a fact, and I think it needs to be addressed, and I think everybody’s afraid to say it.”

The left politically weaponizes guilt via the use of victims of tragedy as political human shields, said Mansour.

“When I was looking at what I call the children’s crusade for gun control, I think this is exactly what the left always does,” said Mansour. “They use the victims of some tragedy as a way to push for legislation or a legislative agenda that is unpopular and would never win at the ballot box, that people don’t want, and they basically try to use the victims. It’s almost like a shield, and then, they try to push for this thing and then guilt all the rest of us to make us feel guilty if we don’t acquiesce to whatever the victim is asking for because we feel bad.  We feel terrible for these children, the trauma that they went through, and, of course, we want to protect our kids, and, of course, we have an admiration for the innocence, exuberance, and the optimism of youth, but come on; we’re talking about a fundamental American right that our Founders made as our Second Amendment that was crucial to their understanding of liberty because of the way our country was founded and the way that our revolution started, and we’re going to cede this over to children who just went through this traumatic event?”

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