MILO Effortlessly Shuts Down Black Feminist NAACP President At WCU

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Tonight, at Western Carolina University, a black feminist NAACP chapter president questioned MILO about the origins of third wave feminism and the mistreatment of the black race.

“During your entire presentation I noticed that you failed to mention that feminism is the belief that men and women are equal.”

She continued:

“So do you not think this, and then also I noticed when you were talking about America’s values and about how great America is you failed to mention our nation was built on the power of white men without the acknowledgement of black people, the Indians, women at least. So do you not think men and women are equal? Do you not acknowledge the problems we have here in America that does, in fact, not make America great?”

MILO calmed the crowd.

He described how very few women in America identify as feminist in the current year, and how the population is becoming increasingly aware of just how hateful the social justice movement has become. MILO adds that women are abandoning feminism in the millions, and for good reason.

Moving on, MILO says he believes that black Americans are owed some form of reparations or structural fix, despite most conservatives generally disagreeing with the point.

You can watch MILO’s full talk below.


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