Voters in the United States are increasingly embracing biological reality and rejecting the lie of gender ideology, which holds that people can choose to identify as or become the opposite sex, a Pew Research Center survey found.

“The share of voters who say that sex at birth determines whether someone is a man or a woman has increased since 2017, and this increase has occurred within both parties,” the survey report reads

In 2017, 53 percent of voters said that “sex assigned at birth determines gender.” In 2024, that share has increased by more than ten points, to 65 percent, the survey found. 

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Overwhelmingly, Republicans and voters who lean Republican are embracing the biological reality of men and women. The share of those voters who believe sex is immutable has increased from 79 percent in 2017 to 91 percent in 2024.

While Democrats and those who lean Democrat are much more likely to buy into gender ideology, those voters are also increasingly accepting basic biology, up to 39 percent in 2024 from 30 percent in 2017, the survey found.

A majority of voters (56 percent) also say they are uncomfortable with someone using the pronouns “they” or “them” to describe themselves rather than the grammatically correct options of “he” or “she.” Approximately 43 percent say they are comfortable using “they” or “them” for individuals who use those pronouns.

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“Voters under 50 are more comfortable than those 50 and older with people using gender-neutral pronouns,” according to the survey report:

There is an age gap on this question among both candidates’ supporters, but it is particularly stark among Biden voters: 79 percent of Biden’s supporters ages 18 to 49 say they are comfortable, compared with 56 percent of his supporters who are 50 and older.

The findings corroborate the results of other polls showing Americans rejecting gender ideology. For example, support for allowing men to compete on female sports teams has fallen dramatically, and swaths of voters are against sex-mutilating surgeries and hormones for children. A strong majority say politicians use transgenderism to distract voters from important political fights.

The survey was conducted between April 8 and 14, 2024, with 8,709 respondents. The margin of error is ± 1.5 percentage points.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X @thekat_hamilton.