Te'o's Nonexistent Girlfriend Was Jealous of New Girlfriend

Te'o's Nonexistent Girlfriend Was Jealous of New Girlfriend

Manti Te’o said his fake girlfriend, who he thought was dead of leukemia, apparently got jealous of his new girlfriend. Had Te’o not started to date a coed from St. Mary’s, he may have never known “Lennay Kekua” never existed.

According to Te’o, Te’o took a picture with his new girlfriend when he went over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner.

The people claiming to be “Lennay Kekua” and Kekua’s family apparently got a hold of the photo of Te’o and the girl whom he was now dating.

Te’o said, in an interview with ESPN on Friday, that shortly after Thanksgiving, “they would call me and say you can’t be with this girl. She’s no good for you.”

Te’o said they tried to persuade his “mom to persuade me to break up with this girl” because they alleged she was a “gold digger.” Te’o also said they told him things about his new girlfriend Te’o knew was not true.

Then, on December 6, Te’o got the phone call in which Lennay Kekua’s voice informed him she had faked her death to elude drug dealers. Kekua apparently told Te’o she had done some work related to dealing drugs.  

Photo (of Te’o, one day after he allegedly received the phone call from Kekua) courtesy of Izzy Lyman