See No Evil: Notre Dame Investigators Did Not Interview Te'o, Examine E-mail, Phone Records

See No Evil: Notre Dame Investigators Did Not Interview Te'o, Examine E-mail, Phone Records
The private investigator Notre Dame hired to investigate the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax did not even interview Te’o. Notre Dame and the investigators did not talk to anyone allegedly associated with the scam. And they did not examine Te’o’s electronic records–such as e-mails–and text messages and phone calls he had made. 

Three weeks after Te’o reportedly received a phone call from “Lennay Kekua,” his girlfriend he thought had died of leukemia, Te’o allegedly told Notre Dame football coaches and administrators about the scam. 

Te’o said the investigator just asked for a picture of “Lennay Kekua” and “any evidence I had.” After that initial conversation, Te’o said the investigator never spoke to or questioned Te’o. 

When ESPN asked Te’o if the investigator Notre Dame hired interviewed him, Te’o said: “No, she never interviewed me again.”

In addition, it turns out Notre Dame–and the investigators–did not attempt to contact Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man allegedly behind the hoax, or Te’o’s family. The investigators and Notre Dame also never gave Te’o a lie detector test. And they let Te’o control when to make the information about the hoax public. 

According to the South Bend Tribune:

The investigation ordered by Notre Dame was limited to the electronic search, Brown said. Investigators did not interview Te’o or his family, nor did anyone attempt to contact Ronaiah Tuiasosopo or any of his relatives.

In response to questions, university officials said the investigators did not examine cell phone records, e-mails or other electronic communication to determine the length or extent of Te’o’s communication over the past few years with the person claiming to be Lennay Kekua, nor did the university ask Te’o to take a lie detector test.