MLB Conducting 'Active Investigation' of Latest PED Scandal

MLB Conducting 'Active Investigation' of Latest PED Scandal

In response to a report that a Miami dealer supplied performance-enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez and nearly a dozen other baseball players, Major League Baseball (MLB) said the league was “always extremely disappointed” to learn of such reports and was conducting an “active investigation.”

“We are in the midst of an active investigation and are gathering and reviewing information,” Major League Baseball said in a statement. “We will refrain from further comment until this process is complete.”

MLB said while the league was disappointed to discover the “potential links between players and the use of performance-enhancing substances,” the developments, they claimed, “provide evidence of the comprehensive nature of our anti-drug efforts.” The league noted three of the players named in the report have already been disciplined under baseball’s drug policy. 

“Vigilance remains the key toward protecting the integrity of our game,” MLB said. “We remain fully committed to following all leads and seeking the appropriate outcomes for all those who use, purchase and are involved in the distribution of banned substances, which have no place in our game.”