Ray Lewis Denies Using Banned Substance

Ray Lewis Denies Using Banned Substance

Ray Lewis said he has never failed an NFL drug test and said a report that he used a spray made from deer antler extract that contained a banned substance to recover from his torn triceps injury was stupid.

Speaking before reporters at Super Bowl media day, Lewis claimed the report contained the same allegations as something from “two years ago,” and said he “wouldn’t give that report or him any of my press.”

The owner of the company that sells the deer antler extract spray reportedly videotaped phone conversations with Lewis from last year in which Lewis asked him to send him more of the spray so he could recover from his injury.

Lewis has never failed a drug test in his NFL career. 

“Ray has been randomly tested for banned substances and has never failed a test. We have never been notified of a failed test. He has never been notified of a failed test,” Kevin Byrne, vice president of communications for the Ravens, told ESPN. “He denied using the substance discussed in the article and we believe him.”

The deer antler spray contains “IGF-1,” a banned substance that may not be detectable in drug tests. Further, the product is so exotic that Lewis may have not known–if he used the spray–that the deer antler extract contained a banned substance.’