Herm Edwards: We May Have to Take 'Rooney's Name' off Rule

Herm Edwards: We May Have to Take 'Rooney's Name' off Rule
Echoing the opinions of other former black NFL head coaches, Herm Edwards, the ESPN analyst who formerly coached teams like the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs after his playing career, said “Rooney” may have to be taken off the “Rooney Rule.”

The Rooney Rule, which requires NFL teams to interview a minority candidate before hiring a head coach, was implemented in 2003 and is named after Pittsburgh Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney.

Edwards believes owners simply interview minority candidates to check off the Rooney Rule requirement after they have already settled on a head coaching candidate.

The NFL has received criticism because all of its head coaching and general manager vacancies went to white candidates this season.

Rooney, though, has stated that the NFL cannot force teams to hire a minority candidate and perhaps the minority candidates this season were not the best qualified.

Owners seem to want coaches with play-calling experience, and there are few minority offensive coordinators or quarterbacks coaches. For this reason, minority groups are trying to extend the Rooney Rule to apply to assistant coaching positions.