College Basketball Chaos: Indiana Tops AP, Coaches Vote Duke No. 1

College Basketball Chaos: Indiana Tops AP, Coaches Vote Duke No. 1

Reflective of the chaos in college basketball, voters delivered a split decision this week, as Indiana was the top-ranked team in the Associated Press (AP) poll while Duke took the top spot in the USA Today coaches poll.

Indiana was the fifth-straight top-ranked team to lose while holding the No. 1 ranking when the Hoosiers lost to Illinois last week. But when second-ranked Florida and third-ranked Michigan also lost last week, Indiana remained the top-ranked team in the AP poll. Meanwhile, Duke sits atop the coaches poll even though third-ranked Miami, a team that has defeated Duke and North Carolina by more than 20 points this season, is arguably the better team. 

Gonzaga also received first place votes in both polls.  

Michigan plays at rival Michigan State on Tuesday night. The Spartans are No. 8 in both polls.

On Wednesday, Indiana plays Nebraska and Duke plays host to North Carolina in college basketball’s best rivalry. On Thursday, Gonzaga faces off against pesky St. Mary’s. 

Here are the top five teams in both polls. The polls will probably be different again next week. And March will most likely have more mayhem this year than usual.

Associated Press Poll:

1. Indiana (26) 

2. Duke (20) 

3. Miami (FL) (17)

4. Michigan

5. Gonzaga (2)

USA Today Coaches Poll:

1. Duke (18) 

2. Indiana (6) 

3. Gonzaga (1) 

4. Miami (FL) (5) 

5. Michigan (1)