James Clear MVP with Win, but Durant Overcomes Injury to Score 40

James Clear MVP with Win, but Durant Overcomes Injury to Score 40

Oklahoma City fans held their breath as Kevin Durant crashed hard to the floor in obvious pain early in a possible preview of the NBA Championships and match-up in the two-way MVP contest. His reaction looked similar to Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel after his season ending injury this week, but Durant was able to get up and come right back into the game, recovering from missing his first seven shots to score 40 – which still was not enough to stop Lebron James.

James would have extended his ridiculous 30 points/60% shooting streak to seven games – if he cared. He was 14 of 23 for 61 percent with 39 points and a 108-98 lead. With the shot clock running down, he put up a 28-footer that went off the back of the rim to push him down to 58% for the day.

James had long since insured that the Heat would make a statement on OKC’s home court, building a 23-point before maintaining a double digit lead for all but a few seconds of the game. He added 12 rebounds and 7 assists, while Dwyane Wade added eight assists and Chris Bosh added 12 rebounds and 20 points.

The Heat look unbeatable as long as James is playing at the level he has the last seven games, but when Durant stayed in the game OKC survived to fight another day despite the 110-100 loss on their home court.

The kept coming at the Heat, going 33 of 34 from the line as Wade fouled out. With Durant appearing to be the only player that can come close to matching James, and the Thunder able to cut the deficit from 23 to single digits, the Thunder may have the best chance for those who do not want to see James brash prediction of “not 1, not 2, not 3 …” start to come true.