Top 10 Baseball Teams for the 2013 Season

Top 10 Baseball Teams for the 2013 Season

While we continue to review the 30 Major League Baseball teams one at a time, here is a snap shot of which appear to be the Top 10 teams as they prepare for opening day.

10. Baltimore. Can the Fighting Showalters repeat their magic from 2012? The numbers say no, but baseball teams are often more than the sum of their parts.

9. New York Yankees. How do you spell “Yanks”? O-L-D.

8. St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards are certainly more than the sum of their parts, but injuries and age are catching up with them as well.

7. Texas Rangers. Addition by subtraction rarely works as well as addition by addition.

6. Philadelphia Phillies. If healthy, they are talented.

5. LA Angels of Anaheim. Lots of shiny new expensive, injury-prone parts. Can’t buy chemistry but talent is undeniable.

4. Atlanta Braves. All the Uptons in the world won’t beat the Nats rotation.

3. Detroit Tigers. Class of the AL and in their prime. They owe the Florida Marlins a bouquet of flowers for trading them all their elite talent.

2. Cincinnati Reds. Converting Chapman to a starter will cost them the NL title.

1. Washington Nationals. First in war, First in peace, First in starting pitching and soon to be First in MLB.

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