Top 10 NHL Teams Who Wish the Lockout Had Not Ended

Top 10 NHL Teams Who Wish the Lockout Had Not Ended

The lockout is over and hockey is back! At least, it is in some places. Some franchises clearly did not fare as well as others with the shortened season and training camp. Here are the ones who, in hindsight, would rather the season had not begun.

10. Oilers. Not a bad team but having bad luck.

9. Kings. Mediocre year, but they can drink away their pain out of the Stanley Cup.

8. Flames. Those ex-Atlanta teams just can’t catch a break this year. Want to put another one in Hotlanta, NHL?

7. Flyers. If you thought they were rough on Santa in Philly, just wait till they endure another Flyers losing season.

6. Jets. Apparently those 5 hour flights to play division rivalry games must be catching up to them. Hello realignment?

5. Panthers. Why are they playing ice hockey in Ft. Lauderdale again? Oh that’s right, they aren’t.

4. Islanders. Can Rangers fans still call them the “Icelanders” when they move to Brooklyn?

3. Blue Jackets. With every passing season, the question of if Columbus is a major league city gets answered more in the negative.

2. Sabres. Apparently they weren’t having any fun doin’ the Lindy in last place.

1. Capitals. Ovechkin means “little lamb” in Russian. Apparently he brought that attitude to the ice with him this year.

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