John Kerry: I'm the Bill Walton of Politics

John Kerry: I'm the Bill Walton of Politics

Secretary of State John Kerry thinks of himself as college basketball legend and eccentric broadcaster Bill Walton. 

Kerry has been reportedly “telling friends he likes to think of himself as Bill Walton,” who came to a star-studded Boston Celtics team with Robert Parrish, Kevin McHale, and Larry Bird and blended in to win a title. 

But Kerry’s analogy may be more apt because Walton, a known stoner, is famous for making outlandish gaffes and his eccentricities, though Walton is much more endearing and relatable than Kerry has ever been. 

On Monday, Kerry, the supposedly wise intellectual and Boston Brahmin, made up the country of “Kyrzakhstan” during a talk.

And on Tuesday in Germany, Kerry said that “we somehow make it through” with all the “stupid” Americans. 

“You have a right to be stupid if you want to be,” Kerry said on Tuesday in Germany in talking about America’s liberties. 

Walton, to whom Kerry compared himself, has reportedly been smoking pot since he was 20, and loved doing so that UCLA coach John Wooden allegedly made an exception for Walton to get high while Walton was becoming arguably one of the greatest college basketball players in history.