Female Kicker Comes Up Short in Historic NFL Tryout

Female Kicker Comes Up Short in Historic NFL Tryout

Lauren Silberman became the first female player to try out for NFL teams on Sunday at the NFL Regional Combine in New York, and her historic tryout lasted just two kicks.  

According to reports, her first kickoff attempt went 19 yards and her second went 13. 

After that, she was done and headed to the trainer’s table. Silberman aggravated a quadriceps injury that had been bothering her throughout the week. 

“I just couldn’t do it today,” Silberman, who injured herself while practicing for the tryout, said. “I know I can do a lot more.”

The Associated Press notes “Silberman had one more kickoff and five field goal attempts remaining, and later lobbied NFL officials to let her try to complete the workout. After a long conversation, it was decided she would not continue because of the injury.”

Silberman did not kick in college and was a soccer player. She said her kicks did not go as far as she thought they would based on her attempts in practice. 

Camera crews from E! followed Silberman to report on her tryout, which many people criticized as potentially being a publicity stunt.