Rodman: I Can Broker Peace Between North Korea, US

Rodman: I Can Broker Peace Between North Korea, US

On the day North Korea vowed to nuke America, representatives for Dennis Rodman said the former Chicago Bulls superstar intends to travel to North Korea again in the next six months to convince North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to talk to President Barack Obama to negotiate peace.

Rodman’s publicist told TMZ on Thursday that Rodman believes “securing peace between Kim Jong-un and Barack Obama would be his greatest honor” and “wants to use his newly-minted friendship with Kim Jong-un to set the stage for a peace deal, convincing the dictator to engage in talks with Obama.”

Rodman will run a basketball clinic when he goes back to North Korea and apparently regrets “complimenting the former dictators without fully understanding the extent of their human rights violations.” His representative said Rodman was “deeply sorry for offending anyone.”

After becoming, by all reports, the first American to meet with the North Korean dictator, Rodman had effusively praised the North Korean dictator who starves and kills his people, calling him a “friend for life.”