Breitbart Sports Picked 67 of 68 NCAA Bids: Middle 20s No. 7 Baylor Left Out

Breitbart Sports Picked 67 of 68 NCAA Bids: Middle 20s No. 7 Baylor Left Out

For Junior College Player of the Year Pierre Jackson will finish his career in the NIT as the only team Breitbart Sports picked to be in the tournament that was not. Breitbart Sports rated the “locks” for the tournament and then the “Middle 20” of teams fighting for the last eight spots in the tournament. Baylor was ranked 7th in the Middle 20, but when 8th ranked Mississippi won the SEC title to clinch a bid, it meant Baylor was the last team in and 9th ranked Iowa State was right behind them. When the committee picked Iowa State as the only team not picked by Breitbart Sports, it cost Baylor their spot.

Other than that, the 67 teams Breitbart Sports had reported as a lock, auto bid or in the top six of the Middle 20 were the teams selected. Baylor could have been dangerous with two future NBA players in Brady Heslip and 7-foot-1 Isaiah Austin and two other players rated in the top 1% of all players (Jackson as the 24th best player this season and 6-foot-9 Cory Jefferson as the 38th best player), but they will have to get over the disappointment to focus as our favorite in the NIT.

They will host Long Beach State Wednesday at 8 pm CT.

Rnk Player/Team Last Name Class Ft In Value Add NBA?
20 Baylor 2013 Team       25.61 2
17 Baylor Top 3       17.05 Brady Heslip
24 Pierre Jackson 4 Sr 5 10 7.13 No
38 Cory Jefferson 3 Jr 6 9 6.64 No
355 Isaiah Austin 1 Fr 7 1 3.28 C NBA

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