Louisville Scores or Gets to Line off 14 of 20 Steals, Shows Title Potential

Louisville Scores or Gets to Line off 14 of 20 Steals, Shows Title Potential

Lexington, KY – The average team has an effective Field Goal percentage of 48.8% (eFG%, field goal percentage plus half a shot made for every three-pointer made), and Louisville gave up 48.3% to North Carolina A&T – almost exactly average. The average team steals the ball on 9.9 percent of opponents trips down the court, and Louisville stole the ball on 28.6% of all North Carolina A&T trips – 20 of 70 times down the court.

The Four Factors that determine who wins games are eFG%, Turnover%, Offensive Rebounding percentage, and FTR (percent of time a team gets to the line.) All those factors and whether or not a team shoots above or below an average free throw percentage (Louisville hit two fewer free throws than they should have for their attempts while North Carolina A&T hit one more). Put these factors together and Louisville allowed 0.69 points per trip down the court, or 48 points in 70 trips.

But while the actual turnover percentage of 0.357 is almost impressive, and almost twice the national average of 0.206 per trip, the more impressive part for Louisville is how many of the turnovers forced were actual steals. Forcing a team to travel, or charge, or throw the ball out of bounds for a turnover is great, but it does at least let the opponent go to the other end of the court and set up their defense.

Steals often result in a layup, dunk, or foul drawn at the other end. In fact, Lousville either scored or got to the free throw line 14 of the 20 times they stole the ball.

Louisville can be beaten if a team can slow them down and get wider bodies on them in a half court battle, but their ability to take the ball away and score at the other end is the primary factor that makes them the team to beat in this tournament.

Full Game Pts Pos Eff eFG% TO% OR% FTR FT%
North Carolina AT&T 48 70 0.69 0.488 0.357 0.190 0.244 1.1
Louisville 79 70 1.13 0.611 0.229 0.367 0.407 -2.2
Average 67 67 1.00 0.483 0.206 0.321 0.356 0.0