Marshall Henderson, Ole Miss Destroy Obama's West Bracket

Marshall Henderson, Ole Miss Destroy Obama's West Bracket

When the flamboyant, in-your-face, effervescent and inimitable Marshall Henderson led the No. 12 Ole Miss Rebels to an upset victory over No. 5 Wisconsin on Friday in the opening round of the West Regional, President Barack Obama’s West Regional bracket was destroyed.

In Obama’s bracket, which he unveiled to ESPN in a “Barack-etology” special filmed hours before he took off for an important Middle East trip, Obama had Wisconsin defeating Gonzaga in the Sweet 16 and going to the Elite Eight, where he has Wisconsin losing to No. 2 Ohio State in a rematch of the Big Ten title game.

Obama could not afford any upsets in the top half of the West bracket after No. 14 Harvard upset No. 3 New Mexico on Thursday night. 

The president claims to be a champion of the people, but picks his brackets like a plutocrat. Obama did not even pick his alma mater Harvard to upset New Mexico. He did not pick one No. 12 seed to defeat a No. 5 seed even though a No. 12 defeats a No. 5 in nearly every tournament. 

Henderson’s message to Obama would probably be simple: Landshark.