Penguins' Crosby, Louisville's Ware Both Out of Hospital

Penguins' Crosby, Louisville's Ware Both Out of Hospital

Fans of Louisville basketball and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey could both be cheering for championships soon, but Tuesday they are happy for a more important reason. Tuesday the AP reported that both Sidney Crosby and Kevin Ware are out of the hospital following successful surgery necessitated by brutal weekend injuries.

Crosby finally seemed to have recovered from multiple concussions to be playing as the best player in the NHL again, and has Pittsburgh threatening to win the most consecutive games in NHL history. However, Saturday he took a deflected slap shot to his jaw, breaking it but apparently not suffering another concussion.

Ware’s injury was even more gruesome, coming down and breaking his leg in two places after trying to block a shot against Duke in an Elite 8 game. His injury left players on both teams crying, but he called his teammates over from his stretcher and asked them to win the game, which they did. While it will take a year to recover, his surgery was apparently also successful.

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