London Marathoners Defiant Before Sunday Race: 'We Shall Have No Fear'

London Marathoners Defiant Before Sunday Race: 'We Shall Have No Fear'

Runners preparing for Sunday’s London Marathon were defiant after the Boston Marathon bombings, vowing to run without fear even though the event is putting in many extra security measures that will make it different from last year’s race.  

“We are sorry, we are sad, but we shall run very fast on Sunday. We shall have no fear,” said Wilson Kipsang, the defending champion, on Wednesday.

According to Runner’s World, Sunday’s race will be preceded by 30 seconds of silence for those killed and injured at Boston, at all three start points.” Black ribbons will be distributed and runners will be encouraged to wear them to show solidarity with the Boston Marathon victims. 

Marathon CEO Nick Bitel confirmed that the race is in close consultation with police, and that extra measures are in place.?

Marathon CEO Nick Bitel confirmed the reports of enhanced security measures.

“I won’t talk about specifics, because that only helps the people we’re trying to stop,” Bitel said. “But we are adding our own resources to the police. After the heart-breaking news from Boston, there was an immediate response from the Metropolitan Police, the Mayor, and every other agency. It’s not about budget. We are totally committed to working with the police to keep London safe. And they showed in last year’s Olympics how well they can do that job.”

He added, “support has flooded in from many, many organizations. It has been a pleasure, along with sadness, to discover how valued and treasured the London Marathon is.”