QB Coach: Tebow Used Tai Chi to Fix Throwing Mechanics

QB Coach: Tebow Used Tai Chi to Fix Throwing Mechanics

Quarterbacks coach Steve Clarkson, who has coached quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley, has used Tai Chi to help New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow with his poor footwork, which he said was responsible for his awkward throwing mechanics. 

“There was a lot of Tai Chi that we kind of put into his workouts where we really taught him to make his body work as one unit,” Clarskon said, according to Newsday. “Most people who watch him will say for the most part that he has his moments when he throws in rhythm, he throws quite well. It’s when he had to reset himself, that’s when he would tend to get off balance and the ball would come off in an unnatural manner.”

With his throwing motion improved, Carlson said the things Tebow “needs to work on are very coachable and actually very minor.”

Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, recommended Clarkson, and Clarkson believes Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art technique used as an exercise by many, can help quarterbacks like Tebow with his balance.