Neil Diamond Gives Boston 'Sweet' Surprise at Fenway

Neil Diamond Gives Boston 'Sweet' Surprise at Fenway

Neil Diamond surprised the crowd at Fenway Park in middle of the eighth inning of Saturday’s game by emotionally belting out his famed “Sweet Caroline” song in the first game played at the iconic ballpark since the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. 

After the the emotional performance, the Red Sox came back from a 2-1 deficit to take a three-run lead in the bottom of the eighth inning before holding on for a 4-3 victory. 

It is a long tradition to sing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park in the eighth inning. After the last out in the top of the eight, the Red Sox public address announcer said Boston had something special for the crowd. Diamond then walked out to the field and started crooning his well-known hit, which has been played at every Red Sox game at Fenway Park since 2002. 

The crowd immediately jumped to their feet and started singing along. The background music was muted during “Bah bah bah” and after “so good” so the crowd could belt out “SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!”

Boston has been through a lot this week with the Boston Marathon bombings. This is exactly what the crowd needed. It energized the crowd and team. Down 2-1 entering the bottom half of the eight inning, Daniel Nava hit a three run home run to put the Red Sox up 4-2 over the Kansas City Royals. 

Stadiums across the country played “Sweet Caroline” last week to honor the Boston Marathon victims. The song was even played at Yankee Stadium.

photo credit: @Redsox