New Rutgers Coach Eddie Jordan Vows to Restore 'Integrity'

New Rutgers Coach Eddie Jordan Vows to Restore 'Integrity'

Rutgers University hired one of their all-time best players, Eddie Jordan, to coach their basketball team. Former head coach Mike Rice was fired after videotape exposed him abusing players by throwing balls at them and shouting gay slurs.

“I am really honored and blessed to be named the caretaker of our team, of our program, of our university’s basketball program,” Jordan said. “I say `our’ because we’ve all come to a point that we have to regain our pride and our dignity and our integrity to our university. That’s why I’m honored and proud to be part of that. There’s a responsibility for all of us to represent our university in the highest class and the utmost respect. “

Jordan was nicknamed “Fast Eddie” and lead Rutgers to the Final Four in 1976. He holds Rutgers’ all-time records in assists (585) and steals (220). He graduated with a degree in health and physical education.

As the Associated Press noted, he was the head coach of the Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, and Philadelphia 76ers, and he left his job as an assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers to return to Rutgers.