Strasburg, RGIII May Make Next Starts

Strasburg, RGIII May Make Next Starts

Two young Washington superstars who do not like their bosses protecting them from injury may not miss any games. A month after Dr. James Andrews described Robert Griffin III’s recovery from his knee injury as “superhuman,” it looks like Stephen Strasburg’s right arm injury may have just been a nerve aggravated during electronic simulation, according to the Associated Press.

Strasburg may be able to make his next start against Pittsburgh on Saturday. Manager Davey Johnson, whom Strasburg criticized heavily for ending his season to prevent possible injury last year, said the injury during Monday’s game may have actually been the result of a simulator used to build muscle being placed too close to a nerve.

Strasburg scared Nationals fans Monday when his first pitch sailed to the backstop. He appeared tight throughout but finished six innings with eight strikeouts and only two runs allowed.

Coach Mike Shanahan was heavily criticized for playing Griffin in the playoffs last year, when the quarterback severely re-injured his knee. Griffin said he would have refused to sit out the game, much as Strasburg would have liked to do when Johnson told him his season was over. However, Griffin is way ahead of schedule according to Andrews, giving hope to Washington sports fans that he will be ready for the opener.