NCAA Bans #Hashtags on Football Fields

NCAA Bans #Hashtags on Football Fields

As more television viewers watch live sporting events on dual screens while using Twitter and other forms of social media, the NCAA has banned the use of hashtags on football fields. 

The NCAA Football Rules Committee ruled that “social media designations such as URL’s and hashtags, are prohibited” on the playing field, end zone and sidelines.

College football teams will no longer be able to write things like #HAILSTATE, which was used by Mississippi State in 2011 when the school became the first to place a hashtag on its home field, on the playing field. In recent years, more teams have promoted their teams on the field with hashtags such as #GOBEARS and #GOBLUE.

The NCAA, though, will allow end zone pylons to “bear a manufacturer’s logo or trademark” in addition to “institutional logos, conference logos and the name/commercial logo of the title sponsor of postseason games.”

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