Collins Ex-Fiancee to Write Book

Collins Ex-Fiancee to Write Book

Carolyn Moos, the ex-fiancee of Jason Collins, is writing a book about her experiences with the gay basketball player.

Moss had dated Collins for eight years and was engaged to him before Collins suddenly ended their engagement. She only found out two weeks ago that Collins ended the marriage because he was gay. She told interviewers that until then, she would have still gone back to Collins had he asked because she had dreamed of a life together with Collins. 

She announced the news on her website:

Carolyn will be writing a book as she reflects on her recent life events about her former fiancé. She welcomes submitted questions from the public about what they would like to hear more on given topics that were discuss at the surface level in the interviews. Send your questions to and Carolyn will review all of them as she begins to write.

Collins is also seeking a book deal.