Costas: Give Me One Example of Someone Using an 'Assault Rifle' Constructively

Costas: Give Me One Example of Someone Using an 'Assault Rifle' Constructively

Appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on May 17, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas asked for one example of an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine being used for a constructive purpose.

His exact words: “Give me one example where a citizen used an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine for a constructive purpose.” 

In response, I would point out that news stories rarely, if ever, report on the magazine capacity of a gun used for “a constructive purpose.” But news stories of AR-15s being used constructively are easy to find. 

Here’s one example for Mr. Costas:  A Houston boy used his father’s AR-15 to defend his sister’s life during a home invasion. When the two intruders broke into the home, the boy grabbed his father’s AR and shot one of them three times. 

Police caught the burglar after he fled to a hospital. 

Here’s another example: In April of this year, a Michigan gas station owner stopped a robbery in progress at his station by pulling his AR-15 on the robbers. One of whom immediately went from robbing the store to begging the store owner to spare his life. Police arrested both suspects. 

Such weapons could also be of use for self-defense if there is widespread civil unrest or riots like in Los Angeles in 1992. Store owners in Los Angeles’s Koreatown only had their guns and “assault rifles” for protection then while police were nowhere to be found.

Even though these and other examples of using “assault rifles” for constructive purposes are legion, it’s important to point out that Americans’ freedom to own guns doesn’t rest on whether the government or a sportscaster recognizes the value of a certain type of firearm. Rather, Americans own guns–AR-15s included–because we have the God-given right to own them and to use them for self defense. That right is enshrined in the 2nd Amendment. 


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