More Details Emerging About Composition of College Football Playoff Selection Committee

More Details Emerging About Composition of College Football Playoff Selection Committee

More details about the College Football Playoff selection committee are being revealed. The committee will choose the four teams that will qualify for the College Football Playoff that will begin in the 2014 college football season.

College Football Playoff Director Bill Hancock told Yahoo! Sports that while conference commissioners will not be on the committee, athletic directors may be considered for some spots. 

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has asked his conference’s athletic directors to submit to him the names of candidates for the selection committee by the time the conference’s spring meeting concludes. Other commissioners are reportedly asking the same of their athletic directors. 

As Yahoo! Sports reports, members will be subject to term limits. There will also be an emphasis on “geographical balance” and a premium on integrity and vetting. Each potential committee member will be subject to background checks for “issues that could compromise credibility.” Furthermore, Hancock “said he envisions the committee meeting four or five times during the 2014 season, with each meeting lasting three or four days.” The final meeting before the playoff teams are announced and all other meetings will likely occur near the Dallas area, where the College Football Playoff headquarters are located. 

Regardless of which teams the selection committee chooses, there will be tons of controversy. While this will ensure the College Football Playoff will generate endless debate and buzz, some believe that at least one of the four playoff teams should be chosen in a manner that is less subjective. That will not be the case, though, as the selection committee will be responsible for choosing all four playoff teams at the end of the 2014 college football season.