Report: Paterno Family to Announce Lawsuit Against NCAA

Report: Paterno Family to Announce Lawsuit Against NCAA

Penn State and the family of the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno will reportedly sue the NCAA for how it handled the Louis Freeh report that was commissioned after the sordid Jerry Sandusky child molestation and sex abuse scandal.  

According to a report on, Paterno family attorney Wick Sollers, former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh and Paterno family spokesman Dan McGinn will announce on Bob Costas’s “Costas Tonight” at 11 p.m. EDT on the NBC Sports Network “a new lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of Penn State and the Paterno family.”

As PennLive noted, the “Freeh report concluded that former coach Joe Paterno and officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz actively concealed information about Jerry Sandusky, who was found guilty of 45 counts of child sexual abuse.” The NCAA then “hammered the Penn State football program with sanctions, including a $60 million fine, scholarship reductions and a four-year bowl ban,” which Penn State did not appeal. 

Costas has in the past “expressed a degree of skepticism about the Freeh report’s findings and said the Paterno family had reason to conduct an investigation of its own.”

This is yet another attempt by the Paterno family to try and clear Paterno’s name from infamy even as many still find it difficult to believe that Paterno did not in any way know about Sandusky’s actions while he was coaching at Penn State.