Boston Bruins Stomp Over Penguins To Grab 2-0 Lead

Boston Bruins Stomp Over Penguins To Grab 2-0 Lead

The Boston Bruins tore apart the Pittsburgh Penguins for the second straight game and own a 2-0 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. It was all Boston from the time the puck dropped, and they never looked back en route to a 6-1 rout.

Boston has a better defense and was able to force enough turnovers. Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby turned over the puck right away and Boston’s Brian Marchand took it into the Pittsburgh zone and lifted it past Tomas Vokoun only 28 seconds into the game, taking out all the steam from the fans and the team.

Their next goal was also from a turnover. Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang fumbled the puck and Boston’s Torey Krug captured it and attempted a shot on goal. Nathan Horton caught the rebound and got the puck into the net at 14:37 to make it 2-0. It did not stop there. About two minutes later David Krejci scored, to give Boston a 3-0 lead, and ended Vokoun’s evening. Marc-Andre Fleury played for the first time since May 7 when he was pulled after a disastrous Game 5 against the New York Islanders.

Monday night would not be any better for him.

Pittsburgh’s Brandon Sutter scored with almost 30 seconds left in the period and almost gave the team and fans the little spark they needed. But Marchand was there to blow it out and scored with only 8.1 seconds left to make it 4-1.

There was not any scoring in the second period, but the fierce competitive play from Boston against Pittsburgh caused many turnovers and frustrated the stars. 

It was all Boston again in the third period. Again, they opened the period with a goal. This time it was from Patrice Bergeron and was at 27 seconds. Johnny Boychuck put the game even more on ice with 1:30 left in the game in an almost empty arena. Many fans left the game halfway through the third.

Boston only outshot Pittsburgh by 2 shots, but won 6-1 in a very lopsided game. The stars of Pittsburgh have zero goals and are -25 in the first two games. Both Pittsburgh goalies gave up 3 goals.

Game 3 is Wednesday night at 8PM ET on NBC Sports Network.