Hot Dog Champ Endorses Weiner

Hot Dog Champ Endorses Weiner

After his very public scandal and departure from Congress, Anthony Weiner finally has won an endorsement – from hot dog-eating champ Joey Chestnut.

Outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (center) had a photo-op with Chestnut and women’s champ Sonya Thomas, but The Daily News provided the headline, “Anthony Weiner Hails Hot Dog Champ Joey Chestnut’s ‘Affinity For Weiners.'”

“Joey Chestnut obviously has an affinity for Weiners,” said Weiner, according to the Daily News. “You don’t get to be where he is unless you do.”

“I can no longer say I don’t have the support of any famous people, though.” 

Few in the Democratic establishment have endorsed Weiner’s return to politics, after the former Congressman was driven from office amid the scandal. However, the average of two June polls showed Weiner and Christine Quinn in a virtual tie with two other candidates in double figures and 34% supporting other candidates or undecided:

Anthony Weiner 21%
Christine Quinn 20%
Bill Thompson 15%

Bill de Blasio 10%

The two polls were run June 19-25 (by Quinnipiac) and June 17-21 (Marist).