Dual Lawsuits Escalated Against NCAA

Dual Lawsuits Escalated Against NCAA

The growing war between trial lawyers seeking huge payouts and sports centered on college games this weekend as NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn Saturday said litigation was not appropriate in concussion cases. The action occurred the day after attorneys asked to add thousands to their concussion lawsuit, while an attorney added six current players to a separate suit challenging the right of colleges and conferences to keep profits on jersey sales.

Both cases have been covered since January, but Friday marked an escalation in both.

The attorney for Ed O’Bannon (pictured), the 1995 Player of the Year while at UCLA, added six current players to his suit against teams and conferences keeping profits from selling uniforms on the final day plaintiffs could be added. His story was covered by Sports Illustrated.

Osburn’s response Saturday was directed at a suit involving the long-term impact of concussions of college players such as Adrian Arrington of Eastern Illinois University, who claims he was repeatedly cleared to play after repeated concussions.

Osburn says the NCAA “has been at the forefront of safety issues,” and the lawsuit is not appropriate. More than 4,000 former NFL football players have sued the NFL.