Athletes Banned from Gay Advocacy in Russia, Prayer in US

Athletes Banned from Gay Advocacy in Russia, Prayer in US

For decades Russian athletes were not allowed to pray. During that time the US boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Russia because they had soldiers in Afghanistan. This week a gay activist complained the Russians are now allying with Christians against advocating homosexuality, while the reports of athletes not being allowed to pray are occurring in the US.

Some are advocating another boycott of Russian Olympics unless they allow gay rallies, with Ann Northrup (a gay rights protester) complaining during a camera interview (click here) that Russia is allying with, “the Evangelical Christian Church in Russia, the Orthodox Church.”

Russia plans to stop athletes from advocating homosexuality under a law the sports minister says, “doesn’t forbid non-traditional orientation, but other things: propaganda, involvement of minors and young people.”

Breitbart Sports has reported on two recent incidents in which athletes in the US were told they could not pray after the completion of athletic events. The ACLU successfully stopped athletes at Lahser High School from their tradition of taking a knee in post-game prayer. In May, a winning Texas high school 4X100 meter relay team was disqualified and after one its runners upon completing the race pointed to the sky in a “gesture of thanks to God.”