Cleveland Browns Honor 5 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Cleveland Browns Honor 5 Year Old Cancer Survivor

Five-year-old cancer survivor Ryan Encinas scored a 40-yard touchdown at the Cleveland Browns practice on Saturday night. It was family night at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden handed Encinas the ball and running back Trent Richardson helped him down the field. After he scored, linebacker Craig Robertson lifted Encinas on his shoulders and the stadium erupted in cheers.

The Littlest Heroes helps families with kids with cancer and worked with the Browns. Two years ago Encinas was diagnosed with lung tumor the size of a football. His mother dropped out of school to take care of him as he went through chemotherapy.

The tribute was very emotional for the Browns:

“That was cool,” Weeden said. “The kid’s been through a lot. I do a lot of stuff back home with Children’s Hospital, so every time something like that happens, it brings a lump to your throat.”