Georgia, Texas A&M Potentially Not at Full Strength

Georgia, Texas A&M Potentially Not at Full Strength

Johnny Manziel is under investigation after leading Texas A&M in Alabama’s only loss last year, while Georgia did not even file their full injury report Monday, after coming within a few yards of beating Alabama in the SEC title game.

Alabama faces Texas A&M on September 14. Alabama does not play Georgia in the SEC regular season.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that, “UGA did not provide a post-practice injury report as is standard operating procedure,” then went on to detail the known injuries:

Tray Matthews, freshman free safety, is in a no-contact green jersey.

Shaq Wiggins is not partcipating and walking with a limp.

Quincy Mauger, freshman safety, is on the side riding an exercise bike.

James DeLoach, outside linebacker, not dressed out.

Chris Burnette, starting right guard, not practicing.