Brady Shines, Tebow Averages 7.8 ypc

Brady Shines, Tebow Averages 7.8 ypc
When the Patriots play the Jets, there will be no doubt the best quarterback in the stadium. But Tim Tebow showed potential value with four carries for 31 yards (7.8 yards per carry) Friday against the Eagles while Mark Sanchez was throwing a pick six and Geno Smith was leaving with an injury against the Lions.
Tebow entered the game after Brady’s back-up Ryan Mallett was knocked out of hte game. Tebow still showed limitations as a quarterback with just four of 12 passing for 55 yards.
Against the Lions, Sanchez’s pick-six occurred on the Jets first drive.
The Jets unloaded Tebow and drafted Geno Smith out of West Virginia, in part because of Tebow’s tendency to hold onto the ball and settle for running it. Unfortunately for them, Smith seemed to do the same thing Friday before taking off and injury his ankle on a scramble.
While all four were showing their limitations in the two separate games, Brady simply drove the Patriots down the field for 80-yard drives on his only two possessions – and threw one incomplete pass total. The Jets fell to the Lions 26-17, while the Patriots won 31-22 against the Eagles.