Yankees Fine A-Rod $150K

Yankees Fine A-Rod $150K

The New York Yankees fined Alex Rodriguez $150,000, one day’s pay, for a few infractions while he was in rehab. The letter written by GM Brian Cashman was hand-delivered to Rodriguez before Friday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers.

The infractions include seeking a second medical opinion without notifying the Yankees and not showing up at the ballpark on July 12 after meeting with officials about the evidence against him in baseball’s PED investigation.

Two sources told ESPN what the letter contains:

Two sources who have seen the letter said part of it reads: “The club contemplates discipline for your most recent violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.” Although no specific punishment is mentioned, $153,005 is equivalent to one day’s pay [based on 183 days] under Rodriguez’s contract, which calls for him to earn $28 million for 2013.

Rodriguez just returned from an injury from last season. However, he is now facing a 211-game suspension because he violated the MLB drug policy. He is appealing the suspension.