Kershaw on Pace for Best ERA, WHIP Since '95

Kershaw on Pace for Best ERA, WHIP Since '95

Clayton Kershaw is on pace to have the best ERA and WHIP since Greg Maddux for the 1995 World Champion Atlanta Braves. A look at shows that Kershaw has a 1.29 ERA in games in which the Dodgers score at least four runs, but has almost the same ERA (2.10 to 2.11) as Value Add leader Patrick Corbin when the offense produces three or fewer runs.

The last two games continued the trend in which if the Dodgers score four or more runs Kershaw cruises (1.29 ERA), while in games in which the Dodgers score three or fewer he has not been quite as dominant for his incredible standards (2.10 ERA) and the Dodgers are just 5-10. This is why while being the best pitcher in the game, Kershaw is likely to remain second in MVP calculations at, since when the Diamondbacks score three or fewer runs Patrick Corbin has an almost identical ERA (2.11) despite pitching in a hitters’ park and the Diamondbacks are 6-4.

Team Scores 3- Runs ERA Team Record
Patrick Corbin 2.11 6-4
Clayton Kershaw 2.10 5-10

In fact, in their only meeting of the year on April 12, Corbin outdueled Kershaw for a 3-0 win.

When Corbin does get a few runs, he always converts it into a win, but does not seem to shut down the opponent. Whether that is from cruising, or making strategic decisions such as risking the occasional solo home run to avoid walking players to allow a big rally, or just luck that will even out, Corbin’s ERA goes up to 2.68 – more than twice Kershaw’s – when the Diamondbacks score at least four runs. However he never gives up the win, with Arizona going 15-0 in those games, while Kershaw actually did fail to win one 5-4 game this year.

in fact, Corbin has never lost a game with at least three runs of support, while Kershaw has lost 5-3 and 5-4. Kershaw is on his way to the Hall of Fame it appears, while Corbin is pitching his first full season, but so far the Diamondback is coming up even bigger than the Most Outstanding pitcher in the game.

Team Scores 4+ Runs ERA Team Record
Patrick Corbin 2.68 15-0
Clayton Kershaw 1.29 11-1