Ruger SR1911 Commander For Concealed Carry

Ruger SR1911 Commander For Concealed Carry

Ruger Firearms has been making a full-sized 1911 on the timeless Colt handgun design for a few years. But they recently introduced a Commander model, which reduces the size just enough to make the firearm a candidate for concealed carry.

The SR1911 Commander is rough and tough, but what else would you expect from Ruger?

It is a steel gun, so it has that classic 1911 feel as soon as you pick it. And because it is chambered in .45 Auto, the gun is a serious self-defense weapon.

The SR1911 Commander has a Novak 3 Dot sight system and these sights are easy to acquire in quick draw situations, which every concealed carry permit holder should practice reacting to. The firearm comes with two seven-round magazines–that’s one to keep in the handgun and another to keep in your backpack, briefcase, or the console of your car door so you have the extra rounds should you find yourself in a life and death situation.

Because the gun is made of steel, it is heavier than many guns you might otherwise consider for concealed carry. It weighs in at 36.4 ounces (versus a Glock 21 in .45 that weighs in a full 10 ounces lighter). The 10 ounces is the trade-off you have to be willing to make to carry this Ruger firearm.

The good news is that many gun owners and self-defense specialists are not deterred by the weight because it has long been a characteristic of the 1911 model. 

The bad news is that the weight and size of this firearm makes it impractical for certain persons to try to carry concealed. For instance, small and petit women as well as smaller men would be much better served buying Ruger’s LCR .357 snubnose revolver or their LCP .380 semi-auto. Either of which will serve you well in defending your life if under assault.

But for those who have always wanted a 1911 and who have a physical build large enough to let them carry a Commander model concealed, the Ruger SR1911 is sure to be a hit. Load it full of Hornady Criticial Duty .45 Auto +P ammo and you can be confident you are carrying a gun you can bet your life on. 

The Ruger SR1911 Commander retails at just over $800.00.

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