Puig Could Take Batting Title with 45 for 100 Finish

Puig Could Take Batting Title with 45 for 100 Finish

Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig is on pace to have exactly 100 more at bats this season. While he will easily have the best batting average in the league (his current .351 is 20 points ahead of Chris Johnson of the Braves), he is on pace to fall 54 plate appearances short of the 502 required due to not being called up until the 56th game of the season. Puig would have to hit .450 – 45 of 100 – to be crowned batting champion if all other players kept their current averages as shown below on the leaders list:

Batting Average 
Yasiel Puig Actual  .351 
1. Johnson (ATL) .331
2. Molina (STL) .328
3. Werth (WSN) .322
4. Cuddyer (COL) .321
5. Craig (STL) .318
6. McCutchen (PIT) .317
7. Tulowitzki (COL) .320
8. Carpenter (STL) .311
9. Beltran (STL) .310

10. Votto (CIN) .309

Puig with  54 extra outs .309 (assuming finishes 35 of 100 in 111 plate appearances)

If he were to go 45 of 100 the rest of the season his actual batting average would be .376, and he would beat out Johnson’s current average with an official average of .331.
Players must average 3.1 plate appearances per game to qualify for the batting title, OR have been able to win the title even if you gave them an out for every extra at bat he would have needed to get to 502 plate appearances for the season. If Puig kept his current pace, he would finish 141 of 402 at the plate with 448 total plate appearances (the 46 extra are from sacrifices, base on balls, or hit by pitch).
The league would add 54 “outs” to make him 141 for 456, lowering his average from his current .351 to .309 – good enough for 10th.