Library of Congress Book Details History, Threats to Football

Library of Congress Book Details History, Threats to Football

On Monday, September 16, football fans will get their first glimpse at the images in a book that covers past attempts to end football in America over the course of a history of the game and how its place in American Culture that started with colonists witnessing Indians playing “football” in 1609. The NFL is changing rules and settling lawsuits in the most recent attempt to end the game.

The open house will be held Sept. 16 in the Mary Pickford Theater, located on the third floor of the James Madison Building at 101 Independence Ave. S.E, Washington, D.C.

The open house will lead up to the release next month of “Football Nation: Four Hundred Years of America’s Game” by Susan Reyburn. The book is being published by the Library of Congress.

The book contains nearly 400 images–many rare or never before published–including memorabilia, cartoons, fine art and game photographs. The lively text examines how the game acquired its distinct American style, survived attempts to end it, and became the country’s dominant sport–thriving despite wartime, social change, intensifying fan participation and corporate influence, according to a release by the Library of Congress.