Russian Football Team Offers Tebow $1 Million for Two Games

Russian Football Team Offers Tebow $1 Million for Two Games

Tim Tebow may be at a critical crossroads in his career in the NFL, but that does not mean his options are constrained abroad. It has already been reported that a CFL team has offered Tebow the option of being a backup, and now it is being reported that Tebow has a standing offer from the Moscow Black Storm of $1 million for two games.

The Moscow Black Storm are competing for the American Football Championship of Russia this month and owner Mikhail Zaltsman is hoping Tebow can help the Black Storm to victory. Zaltsman told CBS Connecticut that he “talked with [Tebow] personally and he wanted to go.” With anger still brewing over Syria, could Tim Tebow be the figure to help calm the tensions between America and Russia?

Tebow is still determined on playing in the NFL and interest in seeing him on the field is still alive among many fans. Just yesterday a group of fans held a rally outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium calling on the 0-2 team to sign Tebow.

The front office for the Jaguars has previously denied interest in signing the popular play caller, but, with the team seemingly destined for a season of defeats yet again, the prospect of revenue Tebow might generate for the club could change their outlook.

Zaltsman has claimed that Tebow was interested in playing for the Russian team but his agents were against it, which means Tebow will not likely play the two games.