Pujols Sues over Accusations of Steroid Use

Pujols Sues over Accusations of Steroid Use

On Friday, former St. Louis Cardinals star Albert Pujols, who now plays for the Los Angeles Angels, sued four-time All-Star Jack Clark for alleging on his radio show that Pujols had used steroids. On August 2, Clark had said on WGNU-AM radio’s “The King and the Ripper Show,” that he knew “for a fact” that Pujols had used steroids as well as performance enhancing drugs. Clark, who co-hosted the program with Kevin Slaten, was fired one week later along with Slaten; the station issued an apology.

The lawsuit only targets Clark. He stated that when he worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers as their hitting coach in 2001-03, he spoke with Pujols’s personal trainer Chris Mihlfeld, who also worked for the Dodgers, and Mihfeld told Clark that he “shot up” Pujols.

Mihfeld has publicly denied Clark’s accusations. On Aug. 10, Clark tweeted: “I completely stand by the story I told 8 days ago about conversations 13 years ago w/ Mihlfeld. He will never admit it.”

Clark’s lawyer, Chet Pleban, said that Clark “looks forward to having his day in court and having 12 unbiased, impartial people decide the issues. And we’ll certainly look forward to the discovery process, that will include depositions and the like.”


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