Deion Sanders Fired, Re-Hired From Prep School He Founded

Deion Sanders Fired, Re-Hired From Prep School He Founded

Deion Sanders was fired from the Dallas-area Prime Prep Academy on Friday after he was accused of assaulting an employee

“Effective immediately, Deion Sanders is no longer an employee or representative for Prime Prep Academy,” the school said in a statement.

According to the police report, Kevin Jefferson, a faculty member at the school, said that Sanders became angry during a faculty meeting when the subject of academic struggles among student athletes came up. That led to a confrontation, and Jefferson said that Sanders became “a little upset and a little emotional” when talking about the subject.

That emotion gave way to hostility, according to Jefferson, who told the Morning News on Thursday that “[Sanders] walked back to the back of the classroom to where I was sitting in a desk … As he got closer to me, I stood up because he was kind of standing over me and he just kind of kept talking to me and at me and then he just grabbed me by my throat and kind of threw me to the ground. Some people had to get him off of me.”

A few hours later The Sporting News reported the school rehired him.

Sanders denied all the allegations.

“He was not beat up,” he said of Jefferson. “He was not hit. He was none of that. Mr. Jefferson and I got into a confrontation about the welfare of these kids. And we’ll get into another one. Until you start taking care of these kids, I’m going to be on a rampage. Until we start serving these kids in Dallas like the kids are served in Fort Worth, and better, I’m going to be on the same rampage, because the teachers are frustrated. We’re frustrated.”

Sanders and a friend co-found the school in 2012 and has over 300 students. He was the football head coach part-time school operator. They had one of the top basketball teams in the country in 2012 and top-10 recruit Emmanuel Mudiay has committed to Southern Methodist University in 2014.