H&K USP Compact 9mm: An Extraordinary Self-Defense Pistol

H&K USP Compact 9mm: An Extraordinary Self-Defense Pistol

With more and more law-abiding citizens getting concealed carry permits and shopping for a pistol they can count on through thick and thin, it is time to give the Heckler & Koch (H&K) USP Compact a serious look.

The H&K USP Compact is an extraordinary, rugged, and nearly indestructible pistol. 

Although the pistol is available in four caliber variations–9mm, .40 cal, 45. auto, and .357 Sig–the one is I own and tested is chambered in 9mm. It is slightly shorter than a Glock 19 and about the same width, but because it has an external safety lever it looks wider when you pick it up. 

Unlike the Glock, the H&K has an external hammer that cocks when you work the action. Because of this the external safety also serves as a decocking lever for those times when you work the action but do not want to fire the gun. 

The H&K USP Compact has an accessory rail under the barrel for a flashlight or laser, and comes with a factory magazine that has an extended finger plate on the bottom of it. This literally provides the leverage a shooter needs for an accurate second or even third shot. 

Of all the 9mm pistols I have owned or fired the H&K USP Compact provides perhaps the most accurate rapid fire pattern because of the finger plate (with practice, of course).

Beyond these various specifications, the important news is the H&K USP Compact is a civilian gun built to meet military and law enforcement demands. For this reason it will shoot standard 9mm or higher pressure 9mm plus-P ammo with no problem.  

For those considering one for self-defense and/or concealed carry, a new H&K USP Compact will cost about $850-$880. It is not a cheap gun, but for accuracy and durability it is money well spent. 

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