Joe Montana: San Francisco Wasted Opportunity to Keep 49ers

Joe Montana: San Francisco Wasted Opportunity to Keep 49ers

Joe Montana won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, and he is not happy the team is leaving the city to Santa Clara, 40 miles south of San Francisco, where the team’s headquarters are located. Fans asked Montana what he thought of the move and he said the city did not do enough to the team in the city.

I don’t think there was really any — without naming anybody — an effort by the people in power to try to keep them there. To me, they made a terrible effort to try to keep them in San Francisco. Where they planned the stadium would have been close to where the (Giants’) baseball stadium is, and now where the Warriors are planning on building. It would have been a tremendous complex down there.

He is happy the team is finally receiving a new stadium, though. He said Candlestick Park was the worst place he ever played even though it was his home field.

With that being said, Candlestick is, when they ask you the worst places you’ve ever played, for the longest time, our home field was one of the worst places you would want to play. It could not rain for a year and you’d go in there and it’d be soaking wet. Last year, it was the first year I noticed the field where I said, ‘Wow, what happened?’ They finally figured out the field was below the water table. They used to call it the quagmire, because that’s what it was, always wet.

The stadium was opened in 1960 for the Giants baseball team and did not adapt well when the 49ers started in 1971. Right now it is the only stadium in the NFL that started out as a baseball-only field. The last game will be on December 23 when the 49ers host the Atlanta Falcons.