Kobe Bryant Receives over $24M on Friday from Lakers

Kobe Bryant Receives over $24M on Friday from Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will pay their injured superstar Kobe Bryant a balloon payment of more than $24 million on Friday as part of his specific contract. 

As the Los Angeles Times notes, Bryant will receive $24,363,044 of his $30,453,805 salary for this season on Friday and the “remaining $6.1 million will be paid out over the course of the year.”

Bryant, who is currently recovering from a torn Achilles tendon injury, is “right at that 80% maximum” of the limit an NBA player can get in advance. 

Bryant’s contract expires after this season, and the Lakers said they intend to re-sign him. Bryant has also indicated that he has every intention of finishing his career in Los Angeles with the Lakers, even suggesting he would be inclined to take a minor pay cut to make a run at another title.