Photo May Show PED Clinic Owner Anthony Bosch with Cocaine

Photo May Show PED Clinic Owner Anthony Bosch with Cocaine

A photo of Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch, who is Major League Baseball’s star witness in their crusade against performance enhancing drugs, surrounded by suspicious white powder may give leverage to Alex Rodriguez’s claim that Bosch was a habitual cocaine abuser.

The New York Post revealed a photo of Bosch and another man surrounded by packages of a suspicious white powder. Rodriguez has acquired an affidavit from Robert Davis Miller attesting that Bosch, who testified for nearly five days in the appeal hearing for Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension against Major League Baseball, used cocaine “on almost a daily basis but at least many times per week and month” from the summer of 2012 through the spring of 2013.

Miller is a convicted drug dealer and has admitted his history with drugs. He is also the man who said Bosch told him MLB was paying him over $5 million to help take down A-Rod. 

While they were pals, Miller said, Bosch “was drugged up every day” and was very verbal about his relationship with Major League Baseball.

A-Rod did not call Miller as a witness during his hearing and can only be used if he can convince a federal or state court to look at his case against MLB.

On November 16, it was revealed that MLB allegedly purchased clinic documents they knew were stolen from Bosch and hindered the Florida investigation against Biogenesis. Because of their actions Florida was only able to fine Bosch $5,000, which was reduced to $3,000. MLB claimed their investigation against their own players is more important than the state’s investigation against the buying and selling of illegal drugs.