Police: Mother 'Strong Suspect' in Racist Graffiti Case

Police: Mother 'Strong Suspect' in Racist Graffiti Case

Lunenberg High School in Boston canceled their annual Thanksgiving football game against St. Bernard’s of Fitchburg after racist graffiti appeared on Issac Phillips’ home. Now, the police and FBI are making his mother Andrea Brazier the focus of their investigation. They are considering her “a strong suspect” in the investigation. 

Police and the FBI searched the Phillips family’s house Tuesday looking for “any and all instruments pertaining to the crime” and all paperwork pertaining to Ms. Brazier’s handwriting, according to a search warrant dated Dec. 3 out of Fitchburg District Court.

Police removed two Krylon spray-paint cans and live ammunition from the home, according to court documents.

Police said they had cause to search the house because the mother was no longer being cooperative with investigators. No charges relating to the incident have been filed against her or anyone else.

Lunenburg Detective Jeffrey Thidodeau’s affidavit in support of the search warrant application stated that Ms. Brazier had become uncooperative during the investigation.

Phillips is in eighth grade, but was allowed to play on the high school’s freshman and junior varsity team. His family woke up on November 15 with “Knights don’t need n——” on their foundation. The team’s mascot are the Blue Knights. Philips is mixed-race: his mom is white and his father Anthony is half-black. His parents said he was a victim of bullying, but the graffiti was the last straw and Brazier said Phillips wanted to transfer to another school–he is currently enrolled at the Leominster schools.

Phillips said rumors started as early as November 17 that a member of the family spray painted the house. Most people in the area allegedly turned against the family after the cancellation of two important games. Brazier finally came clean on November 25.

Detective Thidodeau said that on Nov. 25, Ms. Brazier told police and the FBI during an interview at the station that she had spray-painted over the graffiti, according to the affidavit, and she begged them to end the investigation, stating Isaac was now happy attending school in Leominster.