Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Online Creeps Rear Ugly Heads After Palin's Daughter Posts Pic

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Online Creeps Rear Ugly Heads After Palin's Daughter Posts Pic

Disagree with any of Barack Obama’s policies or actions and you may be labeled a “hater” or even worse, a racist. Defend traditional marriage and you’re called a homophobe. According to the Left, we must not only tolerate but fully embrace the transgendered lifestyle. Christmas, they claim, may be offensive to one person in a crowd of thousands so we better not say it. The message is clear. No name calling, no judging, and no hate. Unless of course you are a child of Sarah Palin.   
Talking about Obama’s children in a negative way is rightfully looked down upon and unacceptable. But, apparently all rules go out the window if a child’s parent is the former governor of Alaska.
While speaking to the TV Critics Association in California this past week, Sarah Palin urged the young women of America to “get outdoors, be self-sufficient, and work extremely hard so they can live life vibrantly.” Palin went on to say “I’m convinced the world will be a better place when we have more girls holding fish in pictures and fewer holding selfie cameras in front of the bathroom mirror.”
A solid message from Palin who was promoting her upcoming Sportsman Channel show Amazing America with Sarah Palin.
In response to her comments, Palin’s youngest daughter had a little fun with her mom. Piper Palin tweeted a selfie with a twist.
The 12-year old Palin along with one of her friends stood in front of a mirror. Piper’s friend held a towel with a fish on it and Piper snapped a pic of the two kids laughing. While Piper’s mom meant a real fish, like a salmon, Piper and her pal creatively made a cute joke. Nothing more. Nothing less. Obviously they were having fun.
Sarah Palin then posted the picture online and wrote: “Oh what a 12-year-old sense of humor! Piper just finished up her basketball game, and I told her to read my latest Facebook post: So she did, then immediately went to the bathroom mirror to “hold a fish.” Clever! Well, guess I’ll at least credit her and her teammate for efficiently killing two birds with one stone!”
Just a silly little ribbing between mom and daughter right? You’d think. Enter the wackadoos.
Left wing, Palin-hating maniacs emerged from their basements, fingers stained with cheese curls to tweet and Facebook hateful messages toward a 12-year old girl! The visceral hatred of course is at Sarah Palin, not Piper, but you’d think even the bottom feeder of all bottom feeders would hold off a little when a child is involved.   
It’s bad enough that so many who have a problem with Sarah Palin can’t stick to debating their differences of opinion on the issues, instead choosing to immediately go into the gutter. But to bring these same sick comments out and direct them at preteens is just plain creepy. 
Some of the tweets from the deranged in our midst were sexual, others just inappropriate, and still others just stupid. One of those tweeting profanity laden, vile comments about Piper describes herself on twitter as someone with a PhD. A grown woman in her thirties tearing into a 12-year old girl online because her mother isn’t a liberal. A lot of good that PhD did. 
Let’s make no mistake about it, it’s not just Pajama Boy types or shut-ins who do this kind of stuff. The narrative of hate at Sarah Palin and her family comes from high profile people who in turn give their minions the green light. When Bill Maher calls Palin the C-word in the name of comedy, NOW is AWOL. When Martin Bashir talks about defecating and urinating in Palin’s mouth, Al Sharpton is silent. Whenever Palin is bashed, slandered, or harassed, there’s always some convenient excuse. Some explanation.
Well, what’s the explanation for going after 12-year-old-girls? There’s only one. There is a culture of hate out there and many in Hollywood and the media only add fuel to the fire. The Louie CKs and Sarah Silvermans of the world basically rev up the worst of the worst among us. Palin is often the main target.     
When Palin came on the national scene in 2008, she captivated a nation. Her family played a big role in that. Who can forget little Piper at the Republican National Convention licking her fingers then slicking down her baby brother’s hair? American families could relate to that. Kids being kids. Not children of a politician, walking in line like robots. Instead, normal, all-American kids allowed to be themselves even while their mom was seeking the vice presidency.
Piper was seen all over the campaign trail with then-Governor Palin. Since 2008, she has also been by her side and in the public eye many times. We’ve watched her grow up, and it’s so refreshing to see that despite all the cameras, all the limelight, and all the hate she is living like a normal American girl. She plays basketball, has fun with her friends, and yes, teases her mom from time to time.
It’s a shame that the Palin kids have to go through this nonsense along the way. Hateful nonsense indeed. Good thing for them they have their heads on straight just like their parents and they continue to enjoy the simple things in life with smiles on their faces no matter what craziness comes out of the mouths and often from the cheese curl stained fingers of their mother’s detractors.
Todd and Sarah Palin could have made some drastic changes these last few years. They could have hidden their kids away to ensure they weren’t exposed to the evil and hate among us. But it would have come at a cost. Instead they chose to allow their kids to continue to be kids. They’re not allowing maniacs to strip their children of childhood. Good for them. 
Piper Palin is the youngest daughter of Todd and Sarah Palin. But she is also the quintessential American child. She loves sports, having fun, and laughing. We can all see Piper in our own kids as they participate in similar activities and act the same way. All of us need to stand up and let it be known that this behavior toward our children will not be tolerated.   
In a day and age where we are bombarded by anti-bullying campaigns, you would think this type of behavior, online or otherwise, would never be tolerated. They always forget to tell you about that asterisk. You know, the one that indicates if Sarah Palin is involved all bets are off. The real bullies are those who cowardly send derogatory messages from their computers in response to an innocent picture from a 12-year old. These people are sick. They have Palin Derangement Syndrome. Let’s hope their ObamaCare policies provide treatment for this. They surely need it.  


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